Teflon tape 5 cm with glue

teflon tape 50 mm

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Teflon tape with adhesive made of fiberglass coated with PTFE. It is characterized by high temperature resistance and chemical resistance.

Tape width 50 mm ideally suited for vacuum packing machines as well as standard welding machines on the market.

Teflon tape adhesive is easily plastically formed and adapted to the surface to which it is adhered.


The scope of work of Teflon tape from +15 to +200 degrees C.

Adhesive properties (adhesion to steel): 22 - 62 N per 100 mm

Tensile strength: 900 - 3650 N per 100 mm

Resistance to ozone, oxygen, Sunlight

Lifetime - 10 years

Electrical insulator - dielectric

Insulation voltage in the range of 20-50 kV / mm

The fabric is made from purified carbon fiber has a high resistance to heat and corrosion.


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Teflon tape  5 cm with glue

Teflon tape 5 cm with glue

teflon tape 50 mm

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